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Find & make better lifestyle choices faster while protecting your privacy.

For Students with demanding digital lives that want privacy, to be relevant and to stand out. dChi is an Artificial Intelligent App for your devices.

It is like a digital condom on your device, that is simple to use, visually appealing, and helps you to make better lifestyle choices faster, while protecting you.

AI App Login Screen

Personalized Search SEARCH PERSONALIZED AI App Personal Search dChi’s AI Personalized search helps you to focus on your personal lifestyle choices instead of the searching. Useful Information

On Demand.
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Lifestyle Advice ADVICE LIFESTYLE AI App Lifestyle Advice dChi delivers personalized recommendations for your social life, career, education, personal life and more, improving the quality of your life by helping you to make more informed lifestyle choices, delivering you satisfaction and peace of mind. Information That

Works For You.
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Health Advisor ADVISOR HEALTH AI App Heath Advisor dChi’s AI provides you with personalized recommendations to improve the quality of your life, making being healthier easier & managing your health better. Works To Protect

Your Health.
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Data Manager MANAGER DATA AI App Data Center dChi’s artificial intelligence centralizes & organizes the enormous amounts of data you create every day, making easier to find your needle in haystack. Simple to Use

Your Data.
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Privacy Bodyguard BODYGUARD PRIVACY AI App Privacy Center dChi’s artificial intelligence is your personal bodyguard working to protect you while you use apps, devices & the internet. Works To Protect

Your Privacy.
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Adaptive Interface INTERFACE ADAPTIVE AI App Adaptive Interface dChi’s artificial intelligence predicts, prepares, and delivers visual experiences for your internet browsers, apps and devices that always work for you . Personalized To

Work Better.
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dChi Help?

dChi’s Artificial Intelligence has six main features that are built to help you with finding & making better lifestyle choices faster while protecting your privacy.

Things That Matter To Us

What is a Digital Condom?
You may think “What is a digital Condom. and Why does it even matter?”. lets break it down.. A condom does one thing and one thing only. To protect you. On the other hand, a digital condom is one that acts as your protection. BUT It is working to protect you while you...
Top 10 Artificial Intelligence companies
Artificial intelligence is evolving rapidly. Whether we like it or not, AI will play a vital role in the technological future. Artificial intelligence is impacting the future of virtually every industry and every human being and has reached the inflection point to...
How Does AI Work?
The dChi team has put together Youtube Documentary Videos on How does AI Work. This has been put together for those interested in AI. Bringing you all the AI content in 1 location. Therefore, after you visit dChi's Youtube Channel, you will find the playlist filled...
10 Benefits Of joining dChi’s beta community
In today’s world, it’s hard to find Personalized help, advice, or mentorship without the strings. Usually, they are family members who are most often biased. Similarly, Staff at school or work who are paid to give you advice. As a result,...
Top 5 Examples of Artificial intelligence in Your daily life
The Top 5 Examples of Artificial Intelligence in Your daily life. Do you know the AI’s that you are using in Your daily life?. Here are the 5 examples of Artificial Intelligence in Your daily life. In addition, 1 Bonus example especially for Gamers. 5. Facebook Feed...
10 Tips On How To Protect Your Privacy – Use a Digital Condom like dChi?
On the internet, Privacy is rare commodity these days. The number of companies collecting, storing, and analyzing your personal information, like family data, addresses, e-mails, phone numbers, income, or social security number is probably higher than you actually...
Why I Joined dChi – Dr. Jason

I’ve spent the last 14 years working with University Students; trying to help them understand how the business world works, and hopefully finding jobs they would enjoy doing. In class, we use theory, elaborate games, projects, and do our best to make the experience as...

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Why I Joined dChi – Gabriele

"I have been always fascinated by how little we know about our connections to each other, to our relatives, friends, people we know, and even people we don’t" The fact is that we know very little about people within our...

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Benefits of Joining The Community

Life & Career Coaching

Life & Career coaching to help you with your personal or professional development.

Online Access

Exclusive online access to documentation,  tutorials, projects, videos, app and code

International Community

International Community that helps you with a support system, networking & Events

Open & Fun

Open & Fun Culture that is helps you explore and find your passion

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